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Snow to the Rescue
Trouble in the Corral
In a Jam
Sweet Surrender
Hang in there, Girl
Birth under a Big Sky


Buddy the Cowdog

Cowdogpicwhby Wanda Rosseland

I see you there Bud, best dog in the world, eyes full of hope as you sit by the door, waiting for my step. A single call, “Bud!” and you with gladness struggle to your feet, hips rusted now with age but heart ever willing and ready.

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Angels On Earth

Angelmagazines Tiff

Killdeer, Hawk & Meadowlark
Buddy’s Welcome Home
A Farmer’s “Friends”
Dream Boat
Goldie, the Christmas Chicken
Midnight Landing
Music Maker
Feather from the Sky
Call of the Meadowlark
Deer Crossing
Little Miracle in Big Sky Country

and cover story, Steps in the Swirling Snow



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