What if I told  you angels are real, and someone you know has seen them?

I was certain they existed, but knowing anyone who had seen them? That did not seem possible. Until God started giving me the stories for this book, and took me to friends, neighbors, and even family members as close as my own mother, who had been visited by these celestial beings. 

You'll love this book. It is filled with stories of how we are healed, rescued, kept from harm, and comforted by the heavenly angels God sends to help us. May He bless you as you read it. 


"Author Wanda Rosseland accepts a heavenly assignment to look for angels, and finds them everywhere. Her lovely book,  Angels Among Us, is the result, a collection of true stories, bringing comfort, peace and reassurance that God and His angels are always with us. A winner."

Joan Wester Anderson

Best selling author of Where Angels Walk

Have you ever wanted to know what a cowboy’s life is really like?

Through true stories told by real cowboys, The Montana Cowboy  sets you right in the middle of that great state, riding along with the men and women who settled her land.

Within its pages you will go with the tough old cowboy riding across the mountains to get help for his broken leg, you’ll camp with the young ones running wild horses in the Missouri breaks, throw water at a proddy steer on a sand bar in the river, and nearly freeze to death with a young girl determined to save a new born calf in the snow. Come along and saddle up. We'll be waiting!

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